Research Labs

Explore a variety of Bioengineering reasearch labs, all located right here at
the University of Illinois at Chicago!

Acoustics & Vibrations Laboratory (AVL)
The Audible Human Project (AHP)
Thomas J. Roystonl_nevl_160.PNG

Advanced Materials and Nanobiotechnology Lab
Vuk Uskokovic

Advanced Materials Research Laboratory (AMReL)
Christos Takoudis

Biological Microsystems Lab (BML)
David Eddington

Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Imaging Laboratory (BMRSI)
Mrignayani Kotecha

Diagnostic Imaging Sytem Group (DIS)
Richard Magin

Computational Systems Cell Biology & Biomolecular Dynamics Lab
Ao Ma

Laboratory for Biomolecular Imaging
Michael Chol_nmi_160.PNG

Laboratory of Computational Functional Genomics
Yang Dai

Laboratory for Computational Proteomics
Hui Lu

Laboratory for Neural Systems Biology
Christopher Fall

Brain Physics in the
Laboratory for Product and Process Design (LPPD)

Andreas Linningerl_lppd_brain.gif

Live-cell Imaging and Laser Microsurgery Laboratory
Jun Cheng

Molecular and Systems Computational Bioengineering Lab
Jie Liang

Neural Engineering Vision Laboratory
John Hetling

Neuro-Machine Interaction Lab (NMI)
James Patton

Thermodynamics Research Laboratory
G. Ali Mansoori

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