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Advising Week March 17-21, 2014

  1. Prior to your scheduled appointment, come to the Bioengineering office (SEO 218) and pick up the advising form and advisor evaluation form from the counter. (Note: Your assigned advisor should have a copy of your DARS report but it will be helpful if you bring your own copy which you can get from the DARS website - information below).
  2. During your appointment, make sure that your advisor signs both the advising form and the advisor evaluation form. Also, make sure that all of your forms are complete and legible on all copies of the form.
  3. After your appointment, bring both forms to the Bioengineering office (SEO 218). You keep the WHITE copy while leaving the PINK/YELLOW copies in the basket located in the main office. Also, completed advisor evaluation forms can be placed in the metal, gray box under the basket.
Please allow 24 hours for your advising hold to be removed. You must meet with an advisor and complete the advising paperwork before you will be allowed to register for the Summer/Fall 2014 term. If you cannot meet with an advisor during advising week then you will need to make your own arrangements.


Who is my advisor? List is posted on bulletin outside of Bioe main office, room 218 SEO.
Can I change my advisor? Yes, but it will not be processed until the next cycle of advising. Fill out a Change of Advisor Form [PDF], email it to bioe at uic.edu or bring it to Bioe main office. (Please note: some advisors are at capacity so you may be denied, but you may choose another advisor.)
Can my advisor choose my courses for me? An advisor will guide you based on your concentration area, but it is up to you to choose specific courses.
Where do I sign up for advising? Most advisors will have a sign-up sheet on their door, 2nd floor of SEO, one week before advising starts.
What do I bring to advising? 1) Faculty Advising Form - available in Bioe main office, 2) Advisor Evaluation Form - available in Bioe main office; 3) DARS Report - information below.


my.UIC is a comprehensive resource for Current Students which includes Registration, Financial, Academic & Personal information. You should be using this student portal to access class schedule and registration information as well as easy login access to blackboard and other University related systems.

Online DARS Reports

Students should view their online DARS report prior to attending their faculty advising appointment and print this report out to discuss with their advisor. If you have questions about what is on your DARS report or feel that it is inaccurate, please feel free to email one of the Engineering Counselors (below) so that they can review the DARS report and make any necessary changes. If you contact one of the counselors by email, please list your UIN and be as specific as possible about what you believe is wrong with your DARS reports so that we can better understand the problem and get back to you in a timely matter.

Engineering Counselors

Elena Diaz - ddiaz2 @ uic.edu
Chris Kuypers - ckuype1 @ uic.edu
Peter Meyer - pmeyer @ uic.edu

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